Brass Disk Escape

brass-disc-escapeThe magician shows five disks enameled in five different colors, and a tube just large enough to hold the disks. The disks and both ends of the tube have a small hole in them, for a cord to be threaded through.
A spectator freely selects any one disk. All the disks are placed in the tube, which is closed. A cord is threaded through the closed tube and the disks inside. Then a spectator is requested to hold the ends of the cord with the tube hanging in the center.

When the magician opens the tube, only one disk falls out, – the selected colored one!
The other four disks and both halves of the tube remain securely threaded on the cord. The effect may be repeated with a different color disk.

Great magic with quality props. Both the tube and disks are machined from brass,
Everything can be examined. Complete and ready to work, with instructions.

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