Boston Box – Wood (50c size)

Wood-BostonA variation of the Okito Box (above) this holds 4 half dollar (or equivalent) coins. Set the box on the back of your hand. Lift the lid, and the audience can see the coins fill the box. Cover the box, tap it, and the coins instantly pass through the box and the back of your hand. Lift off the lid, and show the box is now completely empty. 

The Boston box does almost every thing the Okito does, but it is a more “gimmicked” version, that permits you to show the coins are in the box, even after they have been stolen away. It cannot be handed over for examination like the Okito Box, but for some effects, the extra gimmick feature makes it much more convincing. If in doubt, you can get both the Wood Okito & Boston Boxes for the price of a Brass Coin box, and use the one better suited for each of your individual routines. 
This box is turned in exotic hardwood, inlaid with brass on the lid, and resembles an antique jewelry box for holding a ring. It is a more “natural” prop than the Brass Boston Box (which we also make), and costs only half as much. A collector quality close-up prop, it is supplied with several routines (you use your own coins !) and you will find dozens of other routines in books of Coin Magic.

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