Blooming Flower Dart

Bloom Flower Dart WebThis is a visual production accessory for use with production props like Mirror Box, Tip Over Box, Large Ghost Tube, Square Circle Production etc. It compliments other production flowers produced from such props.

The performer produces a barren flower stem from the production prop. This is dropped on a wooden floor or wooden platform, where it sticks upright. And as each flower stem drops, a flower magically blooms at the end.

Use one or more to add an extra touch of magic to your regular flower production. The item is ideal for production with other regular flower darts. As you produce each regular dart you pretend to smell it, which automatically draws attention to the flower on top. When you produce the barren dart, you act surprised that there is no flower at the end, and make a magic gesture as you drop the dart to make the flower appear.

We supply you the Blooming Flower Dart complete and ready to work. Dart has feather leaves, and a realistic cloth flower.

Caution – This prop has an extremely sharp dart point. It must be handled with caution, like any sharp needle, dart, or pointed object.


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