Black Nylon Thread (Monofilament) – 1950 meter

Black Nylon Thread - 001Black Nylon Thread, or Fishing Line, or Mono filament is a very useful accessory for all magicians. We regularly receive queries for this, and now have this available in a very affordable and handy packing.
This thread is very strong, and thin enough to be used in several effects on stage, where it is “invisible” against an appropriate background, or under correct lighting. It is not recommended for close-up work, and is not “Invisible Thread”, (which we also supply as a different item under that name.)
Some of the uses this thread is suitable for are –
Floating Ball – The free floating ball using one or two off-stage assistants.
Animation – such as the Dancing Hanky, Animated Neck Tie, etc.
Replacement thread for the  Dancing Cane.
Certain methods of Rising Cards.
Balancing a ball on the edge of a silk. (Dark colored silk).
Body load loops (Can be stiffened with Bee wax etc.)
There are many other novelty effects to be found in magazines etc. where there is need of a strong black thread.
We have this available in handy “small” spools of 800 Meters (2500 feet – enough to last a lifetime for the casual performer), and a larger Spool of 1950 Meters, (over 6000 feet )- for the Pro, who uses this more frequently. (Spool sizes illustrated against a deck of cards above for size comparison only. The cards are not part of item supplied !)

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