Black Art Miracle – Table

Black Art Miracle TableThe table a magician uses on stage, an online show or on the street should be sturdy, smart and attractive and convenient to use. Our Black Art Table fulfills all these conditions, and more. Ideal for the new generation of magicians doing ZOOM and online shows, the older close up artists and the performer who wants to perform on the street. (see video below)

It is a Magician’s Table, but with a secret that allows you to vanish or produce cards, coins and other objects right under a spectators nose. You can perform stunning visual effects with the help of this table similar to some of the award winning acts on international Television.

The folding, powder coated, adjustable stand and velvet covered table makes it an extremely attractive accessory suitable for use in any type of show.

It is a lightweight ( 3 kg Table + 3 kg Stand) yet sturdy table to hold your props. Allows you to perform some excellent miracles and folds down (see picture below) for travelling.

The Black Art Table comes with the necessary accessories and a link to a detailed demonstration video that teaches you how to perform the 5 tricks in the performance video below along with an explanation on how to create and perform many of your own routines. You will need to use your own cards and coins.

A very useful accessory for any performer. The Table measures (30 inches in length and 18 inches in breadth) and the stand can be adjusted to your required height.

The table top can also be purchased separately without stand.