Biting Through A Card

bite-a-cardMagician displays a normal deck of bicycle cards. He asks someone in the audience to select a card. The magician then takes this card face down and bites it. You can clearly see the gap on the card where it has been bitten. Then with a strong blow, the card is immediately restored!!!

When the magician turns the card over it is the selected one.

Or you could just display the single card supplied, bite it, and restore it instantly.

We supply the single card ready to use. You add your own Bicycle back deck, if you wish to present the “selected card” effect.

Available in 2 models.

Short Edge where the card is bitten along the short and

Long Edge with bite along long edge as illustrated above.

Available in Red and Blue Back Bicycle back.

Please specify the model and back color required when purchasing the item. Made with original Bicycle Cards.