Birthday Silk Coloring Outfit

HBSilk Col OFThis is an outfit comprising of three 18″ super quality silks. These are made with a superior quality Chinese silk (compared to our other 18″ Picture Silks), and therefor more expensive. But the colors are vibrant, and these silks are “heavier” and longer lasting than the Indian Silks. The outfit comprises of :
1. A plain blue 18″ silk.
2. An 18″ silk with a black and white Birthday picture on a matching blue background
3.An 18″ silk with the same Birthday picture in full color on the blue background. (all as illustrated above)
The corners of all the three silks are identical, so that you can switch the silks, leaving about 3″ of the corner exposed.
The Art Work for this silk has been specially created for us by Bill Wright of U.K. who did some of the great Magic Art for the Supreme Magic Company of England. The picture conveys the message with no words, allowing this to be used for any audience anywhere in the world, regardless of the language they speak or read ! 
Some Suggested uses –
You could use the Multicolor Silk as a production silk from any production prop or box for any Birthday Party show. You could also use the silks for any regular show (not just BIRTHDAY PARTY shows), stating “it is the Rabbit’s Birthday today ” !
The production could be a bare hand one, or from any production prop. You can produce this from any standard production item like the Mirror Box, Drawer Box, Square & Circle Production Outfit, Jap Box, Wonder Box, Temple Screen, Ghost Tube, Production Mat, Production Cone, Organ Pipes, Pro-Van Cabinet, and many similar props.
You could also improvise by producing this from a hollow magic wand, or from inside a large birthday card.
The use of the other two matching silks will enable you to present a more complete magical routine.
You first produce the all blue silk (bare hand, or from some prop). This is then transformed to the blue Silk with the black and white picture, and finally to the blue silk with the full color picture.
The transformation can be made using a subterfuge like the “Top of the Pocket Dodge”, or a Changing Prop like the Repeat Change Bag. Other effective props for a change would be a large Dye Tube, or a Grocery “POP” Change bag, or you could improvise – for example in a large Birthday Card, that has a secret pocket. We supply the outfit with a sheet of ideas.

We also supply only  the multicolor 18″ Birthday production silk by itself, as a production item.
Order as Birthday Super Silk 18″ (New Design)

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