Birthday Banner Dye

Birthday banner DyeThe performer displays a black banner, with HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed in white letters. Banner is shown on both sides. He waves or snaps the banner, and it visibly transforms into a blue banner with the letters in several rainbow colors, again displayed on both sides.
We supply you the special banner ready to work.

A smart whipping action will enable you to change the banner instantly. You could also practice twirling the banner, or waving it in small half circles left and right. With a little experiment, you could make the change both magical, and artistic like a circus act.

The use is obvious, and the item specially designed for a Birthday Party act. You display the banner, saying it is rather drab, then whip, shake or twirl it to transform to the multicolor one.

The banner is attractively produced in pure silk, measuring approximately 5.5″ wide and 44″ long, and comes ready to work with instructions.