Bare Hand Dice Production

Bare-Hand-Die-prodThis is a set of six “Pop-Up” Dice that you produce apparently from thin air, or from the pages of a book, a Card Case, or a small coin purse  which seems just large enough to hold one die, making the production of half a dozen dice seem impossible. 
We supply the 6 multicolor Dice complete and ready to work, with instructions. 
These Dice fold absolutely flat. Load them into your production prop, or steal the stack from your pocket or any other suitable place for a bare hand production. Release them one at a time, or all together, as you wish. 
The Dice can also be loaded in the pages of a large hard bound book, or as a stack in a Coin Purse, Cigarette Packet or even a Bicycle Card
Case. A Poker size card case will hold two stacks of three Dice each 
You will find a lot of novel and off beat uses or producing these Dice. 

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