Bag to Silk Economy (UJ)

Bag-to-Silk---UJThe magician displays a solid colored bag measuring approximately 8″ x 10″ in size. 
The bag is shown inside and out, and is seen to be of the same solid color. He says a few magic words and the bag visibly changes to a large foulard, over 30 ” square in an entirely different color and design. The silk can then be used as a cover to steal a load from the body, for a subsequent production. 
It can be used as an opening, closing, or “anytime during” effect, and performed surrounded. It is self-contained. No steals or switches to worry about. 
The visual and colorful effect requires no special skill other than handling practice. Comes complete, ready to work, with full instructions 
This is an economy model of a similar item we have supplied for decades, at less than half the price of our deluxe model. 

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