Back of Watches (Tora)

Back of WatchesEffect :  The magician enters and points at a very nice frame covered by 6 big pocket watches and asks the audiences to pay attention. 
First, he picks up the watches off the frame and makes them vanish, (at this stage of the performance, the magician has the option of several methods to make the watches vanish) Now, no watches exist on the frame. 
The magician displays both sides of both hands to the `spectators.’ All of a sudden, with a magical movement, a watch appears in his empty hands and he puts it on the frame, again shows his hands produces another watch in his empty hands and so on.
At the finish, 6 nice watches appear one after one and the empty frame is covered by 6 watches again. All the Watches are Back !
“Back of Watches” is the creation of Magician Tora (Tora Magic Company – you can see a video demo at, and manufactured by Funtime Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta, India with their permission.

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