Auto Triumph

Auto Triumph

Spectator selects a Card from a pack, notes it and returns it to the pack.

Performer shuffles the pack, and mixes it up, some Cards face up, and some Cards face down, in an effort to totally lose the selected card.
Cards are Ribbon spread and shown totally mixed. Performer gives the pack a Magic snap and Ribbon spreads the Cards once again.

All the Cards have magically turned around, except for one Card which is the selected Card.

AUTO TRIUMPH is a mechanical version of TRIUMPH originally described by Dai Vernon in the ‘STARS OF MAGIC‘ series published by Louis Tannen.

This trick pack version created and routined by Sam Dalal is a purely mechanical one of the original Triumph effect. It was originally created and marketed in 1990. It was also published in Supreme’s MAGIGRAM magazine (Issue 1, Volume 25, Spetember 1992, pages 38-39). It has subsequently been ripped off under another name.

An added advantage is that you are not restricted to one selected Card only, and can use two or three selected Cards for larger audience participation, and these two or three Cards are the only ones that emerge face up in the face down Deck. Since there are no moves or sleights, the performer can concentrate on the presentation, making for an excellent Close-Up routine.

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