Auto Ring On/Off Lace

Ring-LaceThis is an automatic (gimmicked)  version of the classic effect, where a solid ring penetrates off or on a piece of rope. This version, performed with a solid metal ring, and a plaid lace requires no manipulative skill. This automatic version makes the effects much “cleaner”, with no extra moves, and more direct and magically effective. 
Imagine – just toss the examined ring at the folded lace, and the ring penetrates onto the lace. 
Or knot the lace around the ring, then just pluck it off, and the ring pops right off the lace.
You can do this and much more with this very clever set of props.
A few handling trials in front of a mirror, and some dramatics will enable you to get the maximum impact from these props. We supply you the ring and lace, and photo illustrated instructions, that make these effects very easy to perform. Blend them into a routine, with additions of your own.
Props you can carry in your pocket, and use any place, any time, for a large audience. You will like this.

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