Atomic Water Vase – Metal

atomic water VaseThe apparatus for the Metal model consists of a seamless, spun metal bowl measuring approx. 3″ in diameter and 1.5″ in height.
The bowl is shown empty, and filled to the brim with water.  A piece of paper is placed over the mouth of the bowl, and the bowl inverted, and the water stays suspended in the bowl, with the paper stuck over the mouth. Any high school student in the audience will know this works on the scientific principle of air pressure keeping the paper in place.
The magician now goes a step further, and peels away the paper from the mouth of the bowl.  The water still remains suspended in the bowl.  Finally the paper is replaced over the mouth of the bowl, and the bowl inverted upright.  The paper is removed, then the water poured out of the bowl once again.
The Atomic Water Vase is a self contained prop, with the gimmick built into it.  You have nothing to do but practice the handling a couple of times, and present it.  It is always ready to work. The stainless metal construction gives you a prop which will never rust, never leak, and never require replating or polishing.  The effect is suitable for performances under any condition, and supplied complete with instructions.

Also available is a plastic model of the same effect, that works exactly like the metal model, but costs a small fraction of the price.

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