Astro Coin – Wonder

Astro Coin AnimationAsk and you shall receive! A coin magically appears out of nowhere inside an empty, round transparent dome! You will rub your eyes in disbelief! Making money was never so easy.

Alternately you can perform a visible penetration of a coin onto a coaster covered with a transparent dome that looks like a miracle.
The magician places a clear plastic dome, mouth down on a small plastic coaster to form a transparent container. He borrows a coin (US 25c size, Indian Rupee size, or equivalent) and taps the coin on top of the inverted dome. The coin penetrates through the solid plastic, and drops inside the dome over the coaster.
The coaster is about 3.5″ in diameter and the dome about 3.5″ high. It does not require great skill … the specially molded plastic coaster that we supply with the illustrated instruction does everything.

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