Appearing Cane – Black – Stainless Steel

App Cane 01No, the name is not a mistake. After years of experimenting, we now offer you an Appearing Cane durably colored in Black , but made of Stainless Steel. What it gives you is a traditional black cane, with no rusting, no oiling and cleaning, and virtually no maintenance. 
In effect, the performer walks out on stage, and reaches into the air, and a large cane magically appears in his hand.
You could also use the cane to transform a silk into a cane. If you like this effect, you could leave your silk permanently fixed to the cane, without worrying about staining the silk with the oil or rust in the regular appearing cane.
This SS Cane costs a little more than our regular black and silver canes, but the advantages far outweigh the small price difference. If you use this classic effect, this is one investment you’ll never regret.

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