Antigravity Flowering Pot

AG FLPOTThis is a new stage size model of the Mini Flowers from Wand in Pot introduced by us recently. 
Besides being a larger stage size model, this has an added touch to the usual Anti-gravity routine.

The effect starts off similar to the Antigravity Glass. The performer displays a flower pot and a magic wand. The pot is shown empty, and when the wand is dipped part way into the pot and lifted up, the pot magically suspends at the end of the wand.

After showing the suspended pot all around, the magician holds the pot and pulls away the wand. 
Surprise ! There is now a large spray of multicolor flowers growing in the pot. 

We supply you the special pot, (4.5″ dia and 4″ high), a Magic Wand 13.5″ long, and a special spray of feather flowers. All these props are specially prepared for the trick. Complete with illustrated instructions.

Economically priced, this is a colorful item, suitable for a silent or patter act for a general audience.

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