Amazing Card Changing Sleeve

Crdchng SleeveThis is one of the most amazing closeup illusions to have appeared in recent times, working on a very novel principle, and as happens with any good new magic idea, there are now several models floating around. This one is well made, and comes to you at a most affordable price.
In effect a playing card in a clear plastic sleeve visibly changes into a completely different card. You may also use the sleeve to apparently produce or vanish a card. Some possible uses are …
Exchanges :- Display the sleeve with back of a card showing, stating this is a prediction of a card spectator will select.
Force a card (say the JS) on a spectator by your favorite method. Then turn over the sleeve to show a completely different card (say 6H), which is obviously wrong. Ask him to name his selected card and show it to the audience. Snap your fingers and the card in the sleeve visibly changes to JS, – no cover – the visual change is absolutely mind boggling. You now remove the JS from the sleeve, and hand it over for examination, showing the sleeve is otherwise completely empty.
Production :- Show empty sleeve. Force a card on spectator from a deck, then have the selected card visibly appear in the empty sleeve. 
Vanish :- Start with a card showing in the sleeve. Snap your fingers, and the card visibly vanishes in a most uncanny manner. The card is now reproduced from some place else. 
If you have planted this in a spectator’s pocket, or under his seat, it can be a very strong or funny effect.
Play around with the prop, and you will discover several presentations for this very clever item.
Models when they first appeared a few months ago sold at more than 20 times the very modest price we ask for this. Ready to use, complete with instructions.


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