Airborne Glass – Coke Can Model

AerocokeThis is an amazing, visual, and very off beat magic effect. At any time during his show the performer picks up a can of Coke, Pepsi, or his favourite soda, and an empty clear glass.
He begins to pour the drink into the glass, and at some point accidentally leaves the glass in mid air, as he scratches his head, or points to a member of the audience. 
The glass stays magically suspended in mid air, with the drink still pouring out from the can into this.
With a little presentation and acting ability, the effect is an absolute knock out, specially if the performer seems ignorant of what is happening.
We supply you a glass, (which is gimmicked, but appears as a clear glass tumbler), and a special gimmick that makes the effect possible. In addition you would need a can of Coke, Pepsi, or your favourite Soda drink, to which the supplied gimmick is fitted. You can use the same can over and over, just filling it up with the liquid for each show.

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