Adair’s Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze 01Another very clever concept from the fertile mind of Ian Adair, with exclusive marketing rights granted to Funtime Magic. A visual penetration type effect which can be performed close up and surrounded. Ideal for table-hopping and intimate type shows. Two completely different presentations are possible with this outfit, both using the same clear folder and method.
A slender, clear, transparent folder is first displayed, the performer drawing attention to the aperture towards its top area. When opened out fully, the aperture transforms into a square window of sorts.
A picture, printed on a strip of card, displaying a rather plump lady on one is inserted inside the folder, where it is proved impossible to penetrate through the open area.
When the strip butts against the top of folder, and won’t go through, folder is turned over. Spectators can see the picture strip inside, through the front and rear of the folder.
The reverse of the picture shows a much slimmer lady, than the one on front. This should help her go through the narrow opening in the folder, comments the performer. He pulls out the picture through the hole on top of folder, and it is seen to melt right through the open area which is smaller than the width of the card.
“It was a tight squeeze” quips the performer as he displays the folder opened out. and the lady as she now appears, after her ‘diet’!
A picture of the famous well known escape artist, Harry Houdini penetrates through the small opening in what the performer says is a facsimile of the transparent tank as used in his great Water Torture Tank escape. Spectators see the card (Houdini) ‘escape’ right through. The folder is opened out so the complete window section is on view.

This is very clever – and very effective. We supply you the special clear folder, and the two attractively printed cards for the two different presentations. At this low price, it is a real bargain.

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