Adair’s Patriotic Thimbles

Adair-Patr_-ThimblesAnother clever concept from the fertile mind of Ian Adair, with exclusive marketing rights granted to Funtime Magic of Calcutta, India.
Effect : The performer displays three large thimbles, colored red, white and blue – the “patriotic colors” They are placed on the index, middle and fourth finger of his left hand, which is otherwise empty.
The extended fingers are covered by a handkerchief, which can be borrowed. The performer reaches under the handkerchief, and removes the white thimble, placing it in his pocket.
He snaps his right hand fingers and removes the handkerchief, and behold – the white thimble is back on the middle finger. The patriotic colors always stay together !
This is repeated again, and then again, and each time the white thimble is removed, it reappears back on the finger.
Finally all three thimbles are handed over for examination, along with the handkerchief.
We supply the three special thimbles, that make this almost automatic in working, along with complete instructions. Just carry the three thimbles in your pocket – and you are ready to perform, any time.

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