Last Card PlusThis is Ian Adair’s version of the Last Card mystery, where spectator chooses one of 9 random cards from a deck, and it is the one predicted. We added to the original idea a mechanical stand for the working method, and the props make for an attractive display for a reasonably large audience.
Effect : A deck of cards is examined and shuffled. Performer introduces a display stand, with three different colored panels. Nine cards are removed from the shuffled and examined deck, and clipped 3 each to the three panels.
Spectators freely select two of the panels to be eliminated, and the six cards clipped to these are discarded.  The three cards on the remaining panel are again distributed one to each panel, and two are again eliminated.
The last card remaining card is the selected one.
Finally the three panels are turned over. They form a giant (A4 size) replica of the selected card.
Attractively made in wood, laminate board and metal, and supplied with required cards and photo illustrated instructions.

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