Adair’s Dipply Dice

Adair Dipply Dice 002Two dice with colored spots (a different color on each die) are displayed and rolled onto the table. For close up work, they can be examined by the audience.

Note : Although the sets in each die can have different color combinations, we will presume for this description that one die has red spots, and the other black.

Performer places both the dice on the palm of his left hand.

One (red) die is removed and dropped into the jacket (or trouser) pocket. He blows on his clenched fist which contains the black spot die. When opened, the hand now reveals the RED DIE…the black one having traveled to the pocket. Both dice can be examined again.

Supplied ready to work, with instructions and an additional routine by Ian Adair with the same props. Comes to you at a very low price.

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