Adair’s Copy Cat Chips Plus

Copy Cat ChipsAnother Chip effect from Ian, and this one with a mental flavor.
Effect :- The performer displays four red chips with four different colored spots, and four black chips with matching colored spots. After displaying all the chips on both sides, (the spots are of the same color on both sides of each chip), the four black chips are placed on the table, and covered by a borrowed pocket handkerchief.
The performer places one of the red chips under the handkerchief, stating it is a duplicate of what will be selected. A spectator is invited to name any of the four spot colors on the black chips. The performer reaches under the handkerchief and removes three of the black chips, one at a time, showing each chips on both sides. These are the three colors not selected by the spectator, leaving the selected color behind.
The handkerchief is now removed, to display the black chip, and the red one which the performer had placed under the handkerchief, before the spectator had even thought of a color. And the spots on both the chips are a perfect match. No guess work, no forces, and you could repeat the effect if you liked, with a different result every time.
ANd with each set we give you another bonus effect with the same apparatus, where a spectator matches all the four colors of the red and black chips, in an amazing demonstration of hidden psychic abilities.
Supplied complete with all the special plastic chips and detailed instructions.

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