New Items - March 2007


ESP - Mental Stand

This prop was inspired by Ed Mellon's Quantimental Stand
The original effect used 4 different colored balls, placed on a stand. Four spectators each secretly selected a ball, and placed it in their pocket. The performer could divine which spectator selected which ball.
While this prop uses the same basic modus-operandi as the original Quantimental stand, it uses Cards or small Pay Envelopes, in place of the balls. 
You could use this outfit with a single spectator, and 5 number cards, asking him or her to pick up the cards in  order to form an imaginary number, such as 21453. You could then reveal the selected number. Or you could use it with five different spectators, each of whom could select one of 5 ESP symbols, and you could reveal who has selected what. 
The prop is very versatile, and we give you ideas for various presentations with the instructions..
We supply you the special ESP-Mental stand ready to work, and some accessories like blank cards, that you can easily customise for the presentation(s) that best meet your performance, pay envelopes, and a set of 5 ESP Design cards. You can also use the stand with regular Playing Cards, Visiting Cards etc.

Antique Card Change Box

The Card Change Box is one of the classic utility props, with a host of applications. As the name suggests it is a box for changing a playing card, and can be equally effective to change a business card, paper slips, or envelopes, currency notes etc.
This model resembles an antique inlaid wooden box, made in exotic hard wood, and apparently designed just to hold your "precious deck of cards", complete in it's original board case. It is a prop that will get immediate attention, yet seems like no more than an antique inlaid box. The special card inlay design makes it just a Card Case !
It is designed in a size to hold a complete deck of playing cards with case, (Bridge or Poker size), making it a natural prop. You could use it to hold your deck of cards, remove the cards from the box during performance, and use the box for the change during your effect. The audience does not suspect it as a special magician's prop. 
Unlike most card boxes, which are black inside, this model has a natural wood finish interior making for a much more natural prop. Supplied ready to use with several presentation ideas. Collector quality, at a very reasonable price. 

Tricks with Paddles (Wonder)

A set of 5 very effective Paddle Tricks, at a much lower cost than the individual effects.
This includes special mechanical Paddles, like the Traffic Light Paddle, and the Color Changing Paddles, plus regular Paddle effect like Jumping Gem stones, & Spot Paddles. All items are complete with instructions.
Good value, for the close-up performer, or as a gift to a budding magician, since none of the effects require more skill than a Paddle Move !

Sucker Sliding Coin Box

This is similar to the classic sucker Die Box effect, but performed with a large 4"  "Gold Chinese Coin" instead of a die. You get the same sucker effect, in a much more compact prop, and the same audience visibility as a die box of similar size.
Effect -  The performer displays a slim cabinet with two doors, covering two "compartments". A large  "Chinese Coin" is dropped into the cabinet from a slot on top, and is completely visible in either compartment through two large circular cutouts in front of the cabinet. 
The doors of the box are closed, and the box tilted, (the audience can hear the coin roll to other side of compartment), then one door opened to show coin has vanished. Spectators are not impressed, they ask you to open the other door. You close the door initially opened, tilt the box, and open the other door. This will have even the slow ones in the audience screaming to tell you how its done !
Finally you open both doors to show coin has indeed vanished. You shake and tilt the box from side to side, and it is completely empty. The coin is then reproduced from any place you wish.
The apparatus supplied is complete and requires no more than a little handling practice. Kid Show performers will welcome this as an alternative to the Die Box. Quality Prop made in top grade Ply, painted and finished in eye catching colors.


Everyone Wins Plus

The original effect "Everybody Wins" was marketed by the Supreme Magic Co. and has been described by its owner Edwin Hooper on page 76 of his book Edwin's Magic Vol 2.  It has all the ingredients of the best of Magic effects, - it is extremely simple and fool proof to perform, very effective for any audience with the appropriate presentation, and highly versatile, allowing the performer to use it for almost any type of show, from Children's Birthday Party Shows, to Comedy effects, or Mental effects. As Edwin says, "I had great fun in working out this little effect. I believe it is the most commercial 'Just Chance' trick that I ever sold as a dealer." We re-introduced this effect a couple of years ago, and it has proved extremely popular, as effective today, as when marketed by Supreme, many decades ago.
In the original effect three tumblers covered  by three different colored bags are displayed. Two spectators select two of the tumblers freely (absolutely no force, and they can change their minds as often as they wish), leaving you with the third. They get empty tumblers - you get one filled with currency bills or the Jackpot.
We have enhanced this further, by adding another colored bag (giving you a wider choice of one in four, with more participants, though you can always use three for a shorter presentation), but more importantly, a double load feature, which enables you to have something appropriate appear in each tumbler, and still retain the flavour of the original effect.
So with these bags, three spectators would get consolation messages in their tumblers, (instead of empty tumblers), while you got the "jackpot" bill. Or if you are feeling generous, three participants could get a dollar (or Rupee, Pound, or whatever currency you use) bill, while you got a hundred dollar bill. If you don't want to give away money, you could announce that 3 of the tumblers had dollar bills, while one had a hundred dollar bill. Now ask 3 spectators to participate in a game of chance, with a fee of a dollar each. They are sure to get their money back, but stand a chance of winning the hundred. They get to pick 3 glasses first, which contain a dollar. You are left with the last glass, which has the hundred.
And you could also perform any of the effects possible with the original model, though you will prefer the advantages of this one, with the alternate "consolation" load. A load in every glass suggests there could be no "manipulation" of the contents.
We supply you the four special gimmicked velvet bags, responsible for the effect, with complete instructions. In addition you will require four clear glass or plastic tumblers (almost any tumbler will do), and the bills, consolation messages, or whatever you wish to use this with.


E-Z Four Square Blendo

The performer displays four different colored silks, bunched diagonally together, and counts them naming the four colors. 
He flicks the Silks, and they instantly transforms into a large Blendo, comprising of the four Silks stitched together in a large four color silk.
This is one of the easiest and simplest "Blendo" effects, with the same audience impact as many more elaborate or mechanical methods.
Supplied complete and ready to work, with full instructions. 

Tramlines in China

This is a novel production silk with a visual magical change to add to the impact of the production. 
When produced, it shows as a pretty silk with Red vertical stripes on a White background. (you could refer to these as Tramlines in China - which is the popular name for this effect.) 
The silk is held by the upper corners, stretched between the hands. The performer just brings the two ends of the silk together, then stretches the silk again, and the lines now run horizontally. A visual and novel change ! 
To the audience it appears you just brought your hands together, then separated them, and the stripes changed from vertical to horizontal.
You could patter about the tram lines running south to north, then west to east, though the visual effect requires no patter ...
We supply you the special printed silk (about 22" square), ready to work. 

Cups & Balls
Aluminium - Small (2.75" x 3")

Another set of Cups & Balls to compliment our range of several models in many sizes and different materials. This one is good value for the performer graduating from the cheap plastic sets, and the lowest priced of our spun metal sets.
This comprises of 3 spun Aluminium cups in a high glaze silver nickel finish, complete with crocheted balls and a printed illustrated tutor to teach you the basics of handling the props, along with simple and more advanced routines.

PK Bolt off Nut
New 2006 Model

Created by Magician Vaskar Roy Chowdhury of Calcutta. First introduced by us in 1990, this has been marketed by us in various models over 15 years, and like all good magic, inspired some unauthorised imitations. 
We offer you this, our latest model, with several added advantages. You can now perform the effect on a spectator's hand - nothing can be cleaner than that. The set-up takes less than a minute, and unlike our "close-up case" model, there is nothing for you to carry, that will not fit in your pocket. And because it uses no extra props, it is less expensive than our earlier model of the item. 
The Effect : A bolt threaded into a nut visibly un-threads itself. The nut and bolt can be totally isolated, in a clear container. The spectator may thread the bolt into the nut. He can examine everything thoroughly. 
With this model, you can even have the effect work on a spectator's hand ! 
No Strings. No elastic bands. No Exchanges. This uncanny PK effect is as close to real magic as you can get. 
The model we offer you is completely different in method and working, and approaches “real magic” as close as possible. 
The main features of this model are that you use a nut and bolt that can be thoroughly examined, the nut genuinely threaded on to the bolt by the spectator, who may himself place this in isolation in a clear container. 
There are no other requirements or special handling of bolt or nut involved. In terms of presentation this effect is as clean cut as it could possibly get. Another advantage is that you could repeat this as often as you liked. There is no limit to the number of times this can be repeated. 
This apparatus also makes it possible to have the bolt thread into or out of the nut as you wish. We feel this is not necessary, but individual performers will have their individual preferences, and if your routine involves the bolt threading into the nut, it can be done just as easily. 
Truly outstanding magic - and great value. 

Rattle Bells

Effect - The performer displays 3 Bells. He rattles each in turn, but only one of the bells rings.
The bells are mixed around and a spectator asked to pick the bell that rings. It doesn't ring. He is given a second choice with the same result, this bell too doesn't ring. The last bell, left for the performer is the only one that rings.
The effect can be repeated as often as you wish.
Although the secret of this is not new, (there are other models with Match Boxes, Bars etc.), all these require you to wear a long sleeved shirt or coat to hide the gimmick. This model can be performed with a short (half) sleeved shirt, which will even fool people acquainted with the usual method for performing this.
We supply you the required bells and gimmick, with complete instructions, at a very low price.

More items coming soon - check back later
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