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Gozinta Boxes

These are a pair of boxes approximately 4″ in size. They are large enough to be visible for audiences of up to a few hundred. The boxes have a complete cover.  They are in two different colors.  We will presume they are black and red.  The magician opens the black box, and inside it is […]

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Adair’s Gozinta Envelopes

An astounding illusion like the Gozinta (or In & Out) Box but performed with Red & Blue Envelopes. The Magician removes a blue envelope from inside a Red One. He then places them on top of each other to show both are identical in size. Then to the surprise of everyone he inserts the Red […]

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Electro Fun Update 19 – Supplement 2

  Elbow, Knee & Neck – Paul Ingram Darrel introduced a great plot to the realm of coin magic with his routine Elbow, Knee & Neck. In Darrels’ hands, the routine is pure magical entertainment. However, I could not get comfortable with the handling for two reasons. Firstly, the pop-up move just does not make […]

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