6 to 9 Card Trick

6 to 9 Card Trk OEffect :  The magician shows 6 cards, Ace through Six.  Starting with the Ace he turns the cards over one at a time face down on the table revealing a sticker with a number matching the corresponding value of the card on its back . For Example the Ace has a 1 the Two a 2 etc. 
After he turns over the last card (the Six), he tells the spectators that the 6 on the back looks like a 9 upside down. The sticker side is turned over to make the 6 a 9. He then turns the 6 face up to show that it has changed to a 9 much to the disbelief of the spectators. He then turns over the remaining five cards to show they are still the same. 
An offbeat packet card effect, for those that like offbeat close up magic. Comes complete with all the required cards and instructions at a very modest price.

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